Article 3.ESB

3.ESB-CONLESS - Standard

For all grinding machines

  • For front mounting on the grinding machine flange
  • For grinding wheel Ø of approx. 300-900mm
  • Contactless power and data transmission CONLESS
  • The devices can be equipped with acoustic emission sensors (AE).
  • Suitable for working speeds up to approx. 5000 rpm.
    Depending on the respective balancing capacity required.
    Balancer up to Ø95mm max. 5000rpm
    Balancer up to Ø114mm max. 2000rpm
  • Balancing capacities up to approx. 5.800gcm
  • Neutral position of the balancing masses

Special versions available on request.

Catalog-# / Description

Catalog-# Order-# Centering-Ø x height-[mm] Balancing capacity [gcm]
3.ESB-V.020A.080.C 1066658A 80 x 97 200
3.ESB-V.050A.080.C 1066659A 80 x 97 500
3.ESB-V.080A.080.C 1066660A 80 x 97 800
3.ESB-V.080A.095.C 1054062A 95 x 98 800
3.ESB-V.135A.095.C 1054066A 95 x 98 1350
3.ESB-V.170A.095.C 1054071A 95 x 98 1700
3.ESB-V.250A.114.C 1054074A 114 x 98 2500
3.ESB-V.330A.114.C 1054076A 114 x 98 3300
3.ESB-V.430A.114.C 1054078A 114 x 98 4300
3.ESB-V.580A.114.C 1066596A 114 x 119 5800
3.ESB-V.580A.130.C 1066119A 130 x 125 5800

Dimensional drawings

Dimensional Drawings Centering Ø80mm
Dimensional Drawings Centering Ø95mm
Dimensional Drawings Centering Ø114mm
Dimensional Drawings Centering Ø130mm

Application example

  • Automatic balancing system AB300
    with external balancer ESB
  • Automatic balancing system AB340 with PROFIBUS
    and external balancer type ESB-CONLESS Standard
CONLESS Transmitter, 7-pin 3.SxxC / 3.SxxGto product
Vibration sensor 3.PUto product
Automatic balancing systems to product

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